Bernado’s Circus

Bernado hears gunfire as he returns to his parents and relatives who are Polish Gypsies trying to flee to Romania during WW2. As he approaches the camp he sees a Nazi SS kill squad murdering his parents and clan. He follows the troops and polish prisoners after they have tssed the bodies of his clan ont trucks. He follows the trucks, making sure he has not been seen and watches as the people are tossed into a large freshly dug grave. He returns to where his mother and sister were slain and sits near the fresh blood on the ground. He makes an oath to at some time have revenge on the one eyed man with the theee missing fingers of his left hand who was commanding the troops.

Bernado has never felt so alone in all of his nine and a half years before. He finally wipes the tears from his face and walks past the burned wagons and dead horses. he has no idea as to where to go as the clan had been travelling in the forest for more than a week. He is afraid some animal like some wolves or wild boars may get him as he sleeps at night. Just before nightfall he finds a large oak tree he can climb to be safe. he has his fathers knife which was in a scabbard near where the now dead horses were tethered.

Published by jamescalderwood2013jimcaldy

learned most of my skills in the school of hard knocks

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