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James A Calderwood

Farmer, author opal miner, inventor, bush mechainic, property developer, Husband, father, grand father and great grandfather


I grew up on a prosperous farm. Family life was pretty tough. I started school at a small one teacher school at the end of our farm. There were twelve pupils. The school was about to close. I was sent to Adelaide to board at Prince Alfred College. I came home and finished my schooling at Port Lincoln High. I was much happier there. I started working on the farm , and could not wait to leave. i could not stand the morning arguments.

I eventually left and went to Port lincoln where i had some different jobs. One was working in a quarry drilling granite rock, After a few months I was losing my hearing from the noise of drilling. I was hearing this noise at night when i was trying to sleep. I then worked for a somewhat less than honest car dealer.

My wife Glenys and i bought a small house in Port Lincoln with a huge block of land. After some tome we subdivided the land and sold off the building blocks. We then bought a 6000 acre farm in a very stony area. The price of wool dropped by 50% the first year. after nine years we sold this land and bought another farm which needed a lot of developing. We both worked hard together to treble the production on this farm. In the winter months we went opal mining to augment the income of the farm , We bought a large old bulldozer, and worked at Coober Pedy.

I had a farming accident where i fell off a high shed i was building on the farm I smashed my leg and had bolts through the bone. I was laid up for twelve months. this is when i started to write my first book Opal Eggs Of fire

Books i have written

Opal Eggs of Fire

This story follows the plight of a farming family trying to survive in a three year drought. The bank is going to sell the farm. John and his son Tony travel to Coober Pedy with two old neighbours to search for opal to try to rid themselves of the bank debt.

The Opal Dragon.

this book is a rewrite suggested by Mark Evans an Adelaide movie producer this book starts in the Philippines with Ali , a lad who works the markets. His mother is one of the towns prostitutes. Ali gets involed in a robbery and the drug trade, he leaves the Philippines and heads to Ausralia where he finds the opal trade. Ali crosses paths with the Farmers in Opal Eggs of Fire. He tries to steal the opal they have found.

Great White Shark Tales

This is a collage of stories , maily about the ocean and some of it’s inhabitants. many scary stories of meetings with these large creatures.

Bernado’s Circus came about as i was watching documentaries about WW2 and the attrocites that were commited by the Nazi’s on Jews and Gypsies. Bernad is a nine year old Gypsy lad who returns to his clan after foraging for food , to find a troop of Nazi SS soldiers murdering his parents. Bernado is all alone. Follow his plight as an orphan in a disguisting orphanage


Jim is always open to talking about his books and other topics. Stories of opal mining and peole being tossed down unused mine shafts and other punisments for being caught stealing or playing around with small children etc . 60 nationalities live at Coober Pedy. Some of these are far from honest


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